PERFORMS® is the definitive annual educational self-assessment and training scheme. It allows you to evaluate how well you spot known difficult breast cancer cases. Examine sets of challenging recent FFDM digital breast screening cases, selected by a panel of experts, at your own pace and in your own clinic. Download DICOM images to your workstation then report them on any device using our web based App.

Receive immediate confidential feedback on how you identified key mammographic signs of abnormality and how your screening decisions agreed with an expert panel of radiologists as well as large numbers of your radiological colleagues. Take part twice a year using different case sets and receive an annual full report of your performance breakdown. Use these results to shape your ongoing training needs.

How PERFORMS helps

Breast cancer will affect 1 in 8 women at some stage, and early detection is important to maximise treatment. Breast screening is crucial to detection, however the low incidence rate during screening makes it difficult to spot early signs of cancer and for radiologists to know how well they are performing.

Examining carefully selected sets of difficult screening cases, coupled with immediate feedback and full statistical performance analyses is key to understanding your skills and improving your cancer detection.