Please note that the PERFORMS scheme is an educational self-assessment and training scheme. Our research work demonstrates strong links between how individuals perform on these test sets and how they perform in routine real world screening.


However, how you perform when reading an enriched test set is no guarantee of how you perform in routine medical practice. Undertake these test sets to learn more about difficult normal, benign and malignant appearances and so enhance your everyday screening skills as well as building up the number of mammography cases interpreted each year.

What next?

  • Firstly, contact us using the form below for eligibility, pricing and registration information
  • Log in to take part via the website
  • Download and examine a set of challenging cases on your mammographic workstation
  • Report these cases using the PERFORMS App running on a variety of computer platforms which you access via your personal webpage
  • Graphically locate and identify key mammographic features in each case
  • Classify cases using either the 3 point BIRADS (USA screening) or the UK 5 point rating scale 
  • Receive immediate summary performance feedback after reporting the case set
  • Immediate detailed individual case feedback
  • Review all/any cases and compare your decisions to known pathology as well as to the decisions of an expert radiological panel
  • Immediate expert radiological feedback per case and immediate known pathology feedback per case
  • Approximately 6 months later access the next set of cases and report these in the same fashion and with similar feedback.
  • Once you have read two sets of cases then receive an annual detailed confidential performance report with anonymous comparisons to peers who have also undertaken the same test sets
  • Then some 6 months later access the next set of cases

To receive further details concerning prices and how to register please contact us using the form below.

PERFORMS International Loughborough University LE11 3TU, UK

Phone us on: +44 (0)115 823 1895

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