Data Privacy

PERFORMS Privacy Notice

At Loughborough University we take your privacy seriously and we will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the PERFORMS self-assessment scheme to you.  All data is processed according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. Below is an explanation of how we use your data.


  • PERFORMS International is a web-based educational self-assessment and training scheme for breast screening professionals. It has been used continuously by all breast screening radiologists and other health professionals in the UK for 30 years. Currently it uses FFDM cases and versions of the scheme using breast MRI and DBT cases are under development.


  • How do we use your data?

    • The personal information (contact details) that you provide to us will enable us to verify your employment at your hospital. It will also help us to contact you if we need to discuss any aspect of your participation in PERFORMS.  

    • When you take part in PERFORMS and give your diagnostic opinion for each mammographic case, we then hold this information in our database and analyse it to give you your results.  Our online application records the features that you select, where you see them on the We also anonymously use your data to create National Opinion data in order to compare individuals anonymously to each other.  It also enables us to analyse group data.

    • We hold information about your keystrokes for each case and this helps us to help you if there is a loss of internet connection and we need to restore the information that you have given in our online system.

    • We also anonymously analyse your data to provide statistical information to use in journal and conference papers and presentations.  For example, comparing scores for individual PERFORMS cases and comparisons with scores related to job types and experience.

    • The information you give us if you complete our online questionnaire enables us to enhance performance data and improve our service to you.

  • Who will we share your data with?

    • We will anonymously share information using statistical data for journal and conference papers and presentations at meetings.  We will also anonymously provide statistical information to funding bodies as part of our contract with them.  We may provide your name and contact details and results to your Employer but only if this has been contractually agreed.  For statistical analysis for reports we may link Breast Centres, regions and countries.

  • How do we ensure the security of your personal information?

    • Your data will be held securely on the PERFORMS database server at Loughborough University.  This information has a back-up system and the University follows a code of practice to keep your information secure.

Security of the system is governed by the corporate security policy of Loughborough University as set out in the following documents:-

  • Loughborough University IT Operations management:

  • Loughborough University Information categories and controls policy:


Loughborough University’s Information System Security Policy and associated Codes of Practice have been developed using ISO 17799 for guidance. The University has a Data Protection Policy to protect the personal information processed by, or disclosed to, staff or students of the University or other authorised persons. The Policy also has accompanying Codes of Practice and Guidelines as follows:


  • All staff have completed Loughborough University’s Information System Security mandatory training.
  • We ask each individual when they register an account with us to set up a security question and password.  This means that we can verify your identity when you ring us to discuss anything related to your participation in PERFORMS.


What if you do not want to give your consent?

  • If you do not give your consent you will not be able to take part in PERFORMS.


At any time you are able to decide that you no longer want us to hold your data and you can contact us at to let us know.  We will then delete your account.