PERFORMS International Retention Schedule

April 2018


PERFORMS International is a web-based educational self-assessment and training scheme for breast screening professionals. It has been used continuously by all breast screening radiologists and other health professionals in the UK for 30 years. It uses FFDM cases and versions of the scheme using breast MRI and DBT cases are under development.


PERFORMS is administered by a team of staff in the Computer Science Department of Loughborough University and is contracted through LUEL (Loughborough University Enterprises Ltd).  

All data will be processed and held according to the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR).


Types of Records Held


    • Personnel training records on participants who have taken part in the PERFORMS scheme.   Information including name, address, email, job title, job type, number of cases read, training courses.

    • Contact details for Administrators, PACS, IT, Image and Finance Contacts, who help to administer the scheme.

    • Anonymised mammographic cases (Digital X-rays and anonymised pathology) to enable us to carry out the PERFORMS scheme.

    • Results and correspondence about individual participants who have taken part in the scheme.

    • Anonymised group data on participants.


How long will this information be held?


  • Individual training records to be kept until 10 years after the last time the individual took part in PERFORMS, unless an individual contacts us and asks us to delete their record.  We will however put an individual’s account ON HOLD if they haven’t taken part for two years.

  • Contact details for administrators, PACS, IT, Image Contacts and Finance Contacts.  We will delete their details if they no longer carry out this role.

  • Anonymised mammographic cases will be held for 10 years.  Then reviewed at 10 years and destroyed if no longer needed.

  • Anonymised group data will be held indefinitely as required for research purposes.