Dr. Yan Chen

Yan is Senior Research Fellow at Loughborough University. She holds a BEng in Computer Science from Central South University, China and an MSc in Information Science at Sheffield University UK. She completed a PhD at Loughborough University examining Intelligent Computing Applications in mammographic interpretation training in the UK, USA and China.

Yan became involved in the PERFORMS project in 2010 and has been the research manager since 2012, being appointed Senior Research Fellow for the PERFORMS team in 2015. She supervises several PhD students in the domain of medical imaging

Her research primarily focuses on how to improve the radiological identification of early breast cancer using digital mammography. It concentrates upon: 1) the potential use of eye movement information for future training in interpreting mammograms; 2) the use of computer-based interpretation training using low-cost and hand-held devices. Current work is also extending this into breast tomosynthesis. She is also working on lung cancer screening and CT colonoscopy screening. Additionally, she is involved with examining Orthopaedic and Minimum Invasive Surgery (MIS).