The Process

The Process

Initially two schemes are offered depending upon how you routinely report screening cases. Both are based on examining sets of difficult and challenging cases twice a year. Cases are downloaded to your mammography workstation. You report these, identifying key mammographic features and rating each breast in terms of whether or not to recall, and receive feedback and reports via confidential web pages.

Mammo-screen uses the American-based 3 point BIRADS screening decisions.
Mammo-UK is equivalent to the PERFORMS scheme as used in the UK.

Key overall details of the schemes are given below.

The Steps

Stage 1

After registering with us your first set of screening cases are downloaded to your clinical workstation. You report each case using the PERFORMS App running on a laptop or other device. Each set includes practice cases. For each case you locate and report any key mammographic features present and rate each breast indicating normal, benign or ‘recall’ appearances. After reporting all cases immediate summary performance data are given and you can review each case comparing your decisions to those of an expert as well as known pathology.

Stage 2

Approximately 6 months later we will give you access to the next set of cases. Again you report these in a similar fashion with immediate overall and case-based detailed feedback. Subsequently a report is generated on your confidential webpage which shows how you performed in anonymous comparison to your peers regionally, nationally and internationally.